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Kleinschmidt GmbH organizes the calibration of flue gas analyzers, fine particle measurement and further instruments for you at fixed prices.

If the incoming inspection shows a defect, you will usually receive a written offer within one day.

The measuring instrument inspection body is notified according to § 13 para. 3 of the 1st BImSchV and has been TÜV tested in accordance with ÖNORM M 7536. It is inspected according to VDI 4208 part 2.

Due to optimized processes an high quantities we charge for the 24h-calibration service of a flue gas analyzer, e.g. testo 330, 32,50 EUR* in the cycle of 6 months or €43,87 EUR* in the cycle of 12 months or longer only.
Please attach the following service orders to your device:

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The transport of your measuring instrument to Germany can be done comfortably with our EU-RETOURE-SERVICE at a fixed price of 9.90 * EUR.

For non-listed EU countries or if you want to speed up the service, please contact a regional parcel service and send us your meter.

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* Net price without VAT. Provided you provide us with a valid VAT number of an EU Member State.