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Cooking Oil Tester




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Product no.: 0563 2750

Capacitive oil sensor from Testo, together with its needs-based design, make it possible to take measurements in hot oil (user is protected from the heat of the deep fat fryer) IP 65: protected against water jets without a protective cover Clear, visual alarm indication via highly-visible alarm backlight in traffic light colours Washable case for hygienically stowing away at the application site

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Product no.: 0563 0101

With this kit, you are excellently equipped to monitor cooking oil quality and temperature limit values. Thanks to their reliable measurement technology, the cooking oil tester testo 270 and the penetration/infrared thermometer testo 104-IR are competent partners for food inspection measurements.

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Product no.: 0563 0102 02

Five handy measuring instruments for temperature, pH value and cooking oil quality for professional food inspections: testo 926, testo 270, 104-IR, testo 206 pH2, testo 826-T2.

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